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inner child, inner family, inner woman, inner man
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inner child, inner woman, inner man: inner family
The inner family (German edition)
(English publication
is in progress)

inner family, inner man, inner woman, inner child
The inner child
of the inner family

inner family (inner child, inner woman, inner man)
Spiritual Master Ayleen Lyschamaya

inner child, inner woman, inner man: inner family
Hello, welcome to the inner child

The inner child is part of the inner family with inner child, inner woman and inner man. In my Christmas project 2015 about the inner family I talked about the inner child, the inner woman and the inner man in three German webinars. Here you´ll find the content of the webinar no.1 about the inner child.

If you want to participate in another Christmas project about the inner family with inner child, inner woman and inner man in a slightly different form in 2016, you should follow me on Facebook and / or Google+.

All basic and background information you learn in my book Spiritual Psychotherapy: The inner family  (German edition, English translation is in progress), which has also a lot of information for interested layman.
inner child, inner woman, inner man: inner family
Spiritual Master Ayleen Lyschamaya

Webinar about the inner family - part 1: The inner child

Welcome to my webinars about the inner family in everyday life. There are three parts, each of them on each inner family member. In this webinar I talk about the inner child.

First, however, I give you some general information about the inner family, because the concept isn´t known as yet. I represent the inner family as the human psyche of transcendent man for the first time with my book "Spiritual Psychotherapy: The inner family". Related to this I organized a Christmas project on Facebook and Google+ about the inner family. It is your opportunity to get to know your own inner family interactively with me. In this context, today I want to talk specifically about the inner child.

The inner child as an important intrapsychic personality aspect has spread, but accounts for only 1/3 of the earthly human psyche. In addition there are an inner woman and an inner man. Only when all three intrapsychic personality shares are equally well developed and are also cooperatively connected to each other, everyday life will be accordingly positive.

Now, if the inner child is very much hurt one third of the psychic abilities are lost. You can imagine how much that will affect everyday life and indeed it does. How specifically the wounded inner child affects the psyche depends on the adult personality aspects. If a person with an injured inner child lives mainly his or her inner woman, the unmet need of the inner child shines through and the person will be hungry for love and especially dependent on other people. He or she can hardly delimit him- or herself. If a person with an injured inner child mainly lives his or her inner man, old pain will be blocked and overreacting at trifles is an often result, sometimes even violence. Mixed forms are also possible.

In this respect, the inner child is particular important. If you like, you can ask questions now.

Summarized question 1): I am good at reflecting myself. My parents were loving, but with determined views on life. I am not unhappy with my life, but miss orientation with changing opinions about what to do. Does this have anything to do with my inner child?

First of all, this question is of course difficult to answer if I don´t know the background. But nevertheless a few hints can be found in this email. Parents with clear ideas of life and the questioner´s own ability to reflect speak for an inner man. Orientation problems, jumpiness and search for meaning can be the inner woman and / or have to do with spirituality. This is probably a person with an inner man and an inner woman who are not well connected to each other, because the respective inner-woman- and inner-man-skills are rather unilateral side by side. Therefore it does indeed make sense to develop the personality by healing the inner child for a start. Other methods would, however, be added.

Question 2): Hello dear Ayleen, do you offer family constellations for the inner child?

Family constellations are useful to uncover unconscious familial backgrounds. Relationships can be recognized that were unconscious before and energetic-emotional healing processes can be set in motion. But family constellations affect the entire family system and can therefore well support an inner child healing, but cannot replace it. The inner child healing must be specifically directed at the inner child.

Personally, I don´t offer family constellations, because with the replacement persons it is simply too much organizational work involved for me. But sometimes I represent the origin family and also the inner family with figures. A continuation of this is the reason for this Christmas project in the networks. In this project I make my own inner family visible and concrete through my dolls.

Another e-mail 3): A client of mine hasn´t really got much of a question, but rather a valuable clue. It shows how important it is to perceive the inner family differentiated.

“There is an adult now, who can act. The adult can also take care of the inner child. Now, I am conscious about the fact, that I am not only the child. In the past I was only able to act, when I felt well and my inner child wasn´t there. My inner child was never conscious there, but if it shone through my adult personality, it stopped instantly any action. Now my inner child and my adult personality are separated. I am aware of my inner child and my adult personality now. There is my frightened and sad inner child and an adult, who isn´t able to comfort the inner child yet, but at least can act unhampered.”

This reflection shows how important it is to differentiate the inner family members to cope well in everyday life.

Summarized question 4): Why do people avoid unpleasant feelings? Is it necessary to survive?

In fact, such thoughts are particular often in connection with inner child healing. Why should anyone cope again with old unpleasant feelings at all? In connection with the inner child it is moreover also a matter of survival, as that stable adult structures for each inner child healing are required. The inner woman and / or the inner man must be so stable, that the person is able to cope with everyday life, so to speak, can survive. Only then an inner child healing is possible.

Then it's a free choice: If anyone decides to live confined to his or her healthy parts of the personality, it works as long as the person lives in an environment where only the strengths are in demand. Unfortunately, we usually live in mixed areas, so that old pain will be touched time and again and a lot of energy has to be expended for defense mechanisms. If someone chooses inner child healing, that is temporarily unpleasant, but gradually the personality is becoming healthier. And more and more skills will be developed, so that life becomes gradually more pleasant to the total.

Basically we don´t decide between pleasant and unpleasant, but between short- and long-term pleasant. And since I can say that the long term pleasant is many times greater, an inner child healing is really worth it.

Question 5): Hello Ayleen, maybe I exaggerate, but in retrospect I was seldom happy in life. I often tried to be happy and to be satisfied, but it was forced. Therefore I gave up and was unhappy. Can this have something to do with my inner child?

Yes, this is highly likely. Of course, other reasons may be added, but this is obviously not about situational dissatisfaction. Instead it is a basic mood. And as for the basic mood in the psyche the inner child is responsible for light-heartedness and happiness. In this respect a wounded inner child is likely to be the cause for the lack of happiness.

Question 6): Dear Ayleen, how do I become aware of my inner child? How do I feel my inner child?

At the beginning it is often a playful inner impulse or an inner picture of your child. Sometimes the inner child shows her- or himself in dreams first. Later on it´s the same real feeling as it was in childhood. You decide if you want to identify yourself with your inner child and to what extend and then you feel as long as you wish like a child again.

From my own experience and the experience of many clients I can definitely say that an inner child healing is really worth it. The inner child is the basis for more vitality and happiness. A healthy inner child enhances very much the quality of life.