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inner child, inner family, inner woman, inner man
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Inner family: inner child, inner woman, inner man
The inner family (German edition)
(English publication
is in progress)

inner family, inner man, inner woman, inner child
The inner man
of the inner family

inner family (inner child, inner woman, inner man)
Spiritual Master Ayleen Lyschamaya
Inner family: inner child, inner woman, inner man
Hello, welcome to the inner man

The inner man is part of the inner family with inner child, inner woman and inner man. In my Christmas project 2015 about the inner family I talked about the inner child, the inner woman and the inner man in three German webinars. Here you´ll find the content of the webinar no.3 about the inner man.

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All basic and background information you learn in my book Spiritual Psychotherapy: The inner family  (German edition, English translation is in progress), which has also a lot of information for interested layman.

Inner family: inner child, inner woman, inner man
Spiritual Master Ayleen Lyschamaya

Webinar about the inner family - part 3: The inner man

Welcome to my webinars about the inner family in everyday life as I describe the inner family in my book "Spiritual Psychotherapy: The inner family". Today I talk about the inner man.

Apparently, this is a particular interesting subject, because I have already received a number of e-mails. But basically they run more or less all on the one question what the inner man actually is. That indeed you can´t know so far, because I represent the inner man for the first time in my book about the inner family.

It is best, if I introduce the inner man to you by his influence in everyday life. There are some areas where he has his particular strengths, so that one's life is more positive, if you can fall back on an inner man in your psyche.

In my webinar about the inner child I have already explained that an overdependence on other people can arise from a love starving inner child. However, there may be further reasons added that belong to the inner man or rather his absence.

The inner man is independent, separated and prefers to be for himself, while the inner woman looks for deep connection. Only if both parts of the personality are balanced in the psyche, a person is in equilibrium. He or she is then equally sociable, connected with others and independently on his or her own.

If the inner man is underdeveloped in the psyche, the person is looking at other people for the inner man qualities stability, orientation, security, protection, demarcation and enforcement, for example, of medium- to long-term goals. A person with little own inner man can be downright dependend on an external partner with a high inner man share.

In particular for the following areas of everyday life the inner man is very important. He is responsible for converting things into concrete. For example, this can be practical things as technical expertise and craftsmanship. But the inner man is responsible, too, if intuitive inner guidance shall not only be received, but also actually be performed.

Through the inner man a person gets clarity, knowledge and understanding of relationships. He thinks logically and strategically and has the overview. For example, especially the household cannot be organized well without the inner man, because the diversity of it overwhelms the inner woman on her own.

The inner man is also of particular importance in the professional field. In many professions positive male self-presentation and self-confidence are crucial to success.

Therefore the inner man is a very important inner personality aspect in the human psyche to whom you can ask questions now, if you like.

Question 1): You say, that the inner man refers to himself. Can somebody actually have a too strong inner man share and thus will be too self-centered?

No − unless specific circumstances as childhood developmental disorders are present, there can´t be a too strong inner family member in the personality. If a part of someone´s personality seems too strong, there is always the compensation by another personality share missing. The seemingly too strong personality part needn´t be fought, but a deficiency must be remedied. So, if an inner man personality is too self-centered, this person would have to develop his or her inner woman to be balanced in dealing with others. If, perhaps, the inner man personality is even as a whole rather callous, probably the inner child is hurt, too, and should also be healed.

Question 2): Do I understand it right, that someone who stands out negatively male, actually has no problem with his inner man, but with the rest of his inner family?

Yes, exactly. There can be a lack of inner family members and thereby lack of balance, the inner family members can be badly connected and the inner man can be injured, but the inner man as such is always a very important and positive force in the human psyche.

Question 3): What do you mean by bad connection amongst the inner family members?

This you can imagine just by families in everyday life. There are families in which the family members deal positively with each other and others, where they fight against each other. It is the same for the inner families, their members can cooperate equally well or badly. A bad cooperation then often manifests itself in an extreme change between phases with inner man and inner woman personality, while a positive internally connected person is particularly balanced.

Summarized question 4): I have got a conflict between my inner man and my inner woman. How can I improve the connection?

Simply by concretely introduce yourself into the male-female issue in everyday life. The external relationships reflect your inner mental patterns and are intended as a learning task. The order is not firstly to make your psyche perfectly and then enter into a relationship, but to heal your psyche through the conscious living of a relationship. This isn´t taking advantage of the other, but on the contrary a mutual assistance for development, which is the more effective the more conscious it will be lived.

Summarized question by the same person 5): When I'm excited sexually, I have a feeling of pressure behind the breastbone and it constricts my throat. In general masturbation is negative for me. Does this have to do with the connection of inner man and inner woman? Do you have suggestions to the topic masturbation?

This seems to be such a complex and already old issue for you, that it probably relates to your entire inner family.
With excitation you powerfully energize your system and that is first physically noticeable in the area behind your breastbone, which is the energetic area of the inner child. But then of course, the inner man inner woman relationship adds as a further key issue.

With such a complex issue it makes sense to proceed step by step. Please try this:
- First, write down all the thoughts that you have got about and while masturbation.
- Then feel to every single thought, if there is a resonance in your body.
- Breath deeply into these resonance areas of your body and permit the feelings that want to come up show themselves.
- These feelings you can assign to each inner family member then
- and heal accordingly.

Summarized question by the same person 6): I feel my body very intensive, for example, my heartbeat in connection with my inner child. In addition I have got headaches now and then and my awareness seldom reaches my pelvis and legs, except when I heal my inner child. Medically I´m healthy. Does this have to do with my awareness?

Yes, this has to do with your awareness. For you the inner child, the first chakra (blocked legs), inner man stability (ground connection), sexuality (missing awareness in the pelvis) and headaches as a defense belong close together. Therefore, you can proceed equally well physically and with a relationship for healing. As you know how to handle mental processes, it is your free choice how far you want to involve yourself into intensive development. With each, a girlfriend and masturbation, you are in any case going to trigger most intensive development processes. So, involve yourself in everyday life for spiritual development.

I hope, I could give you some sense of the importance of the inner man as well as all three inner family members for the human psyche. Only when inner child, inner woman and inner man are equally available and healthy and all three family members cooperate lovingly together, a human being has developed his or her full earthly potential. If such a person then also lives out of his or her divinity, he or she has almost undreamt of possibilities to live a deeply satisfying, loving and happy life. I would like to encourage you to work together with me on your inner family. Everyone can fully heal his or her inner family. There are procedures specifically to address the inner man and it is worth it to use his force in everyday life. The healthier your inner family is, the higher will be your quality of life. The peace that you are living inside is going to be reflected by what meets you from the outside. I am happy to support you with your inner family.