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Inner family with inner man, inner woman and inner child
The inner family (German edition)
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inner family, inner man, inner woman, inner child
Welcome to the inner family
(inner child, inner woman, inner man)

inner family (inner child, inner woman, inner man)
Spiritual Master Ayleen Lyschamaya

Dr. rer. pol. Ayleen Scheffler-Hadenfeldt
  Spiritual Master Ayleen

Get to know the inner family (inner child, inner woman, inner man):

The human psyche is composed by the inner family with inner child, inner woman and inner man. The status of each inner family member and the cooperation between themselves gives the individual personality of every person. The healthier and the more cooperative the inner family is, the higher is the quality of life. That's why it is very important to get to know your inner family.

All basic and background information you learn in my book Spiritual Psychotherapy: The inner family  (German edition, English translation is in progress), which has also a lot of information for interested layman. Not everything that is offered as inner child healing achieves fully this goal and the inner woman and the inner man are not yet known as essential components of the human psyche anyway. "Spiritual Psychotherapy: The inner family" is the standard reference, which for the first time describes the inner family as human psyche of transcendent man.

To concretely know the inner family better in everyday life, I have organized in the networks Facebook and Google+ a special Christmas project (2015). Below you are going to find the result.
Inner family with inner man, inner woman and inner child
  The inner family (German edition)
(English publication is in progress)

Facebook and Google
Christmas project:
Get to know your inner family (inner child, inner woman, inner man)

11/28/2015 - Get to know your inner family: Who wants to participate?

Would you like to be accompanied by me to get to know your inner family? I offer here in this network a special Christmas project for the inner family. This Christmas project is connected to my guide for holistic practitioners "Spiritual Psychotherapy: The inner family", which has just been published in German and will follow also in English.

The inner child is widely known, the inner family however only as a model in the field of systemic family therapy or energetically. The inner family as psyche of the transcendent human is completely new and I present it in my book. To give you an idea of what the inner family is, I would like to celebrate Christmas together with you through my inner family.

This Christmas project is to learn about the inner family and the loving contact of its members. There will also be some healing, but without wanting to go into therapeutic depths of each individual case. It is the fun of a shared Christmas time with the inner family that is in the foreground.

The Christmas project starts tomorrow on the 1. Advent and lasts until 1. January 2016. I'll introduce my inner family to you based on the Barbie dolls of the book cover and describe my Christmas season through them. I would be glad about contact with you, if you like also with any figures or in other creative form such as painting or writing, for example. But even if you only want to be inspired by me about the inner family, you are welcome.

Each of the Advent Sundays (or perhaps additional times in between) I'll talk with you about my inner family. For this I will post you my personal Christmas time of last week and respond to your experiences in the comments. Also on Sundays from 18.00 to 18.30 o´clock I'll let loving energy flow to all those involved. Tomorrow on the first Advent I am going to start. In addition beginning on the second Sunday of Advent directly thereafter at 18.45 o´clock I'm going to organize webinars in which I will answer your questions about the inner family. Since I have no experience with webinars yet, I need to make myself smart and ask your indulgence about technical issues.

Within this framework I am completely open about the content with which my inner family goes into contact with your inner families. It will also be a surprise for me about what develops. I am looking forward to a nice common Christmas time with all those, who wish to participate.

All the best
yours Ayleen

Inner family with inner man, inner woman and inner child
Inner child: my advent calendar.

11/29/2015 - Sunday, 1. Advent

My inner child:
I'm really looking forward to Christmas, because this is such a thrilling, mysterious time. Soon there will be a gift every day. This advent calendar (see photo) is for me and I can hardly wait. Mama told me, that we adorn today and I am particularly looking forward to the many Playmobil figures. I remember from last year, that there is a Christmas workshop, a forest with many animals and a market with a hurdy-gurdy man as well as a Jesus barn. Also, I remember a climbing Santa Claus bringing the presents. Oh yes, and then there is also a jumping reindeer and ever so many beautiful things, I'm so excited.

My inner woman:
I like to decorate for Christmas very much, too. However, my interest is more with the beautiful bouquets of pine branches, which I particularly like to adorn. But it is also important to me to have time for everything. This is why I prefer an artificial wreath, which I have just to unpack, instead of buying a new one every year. In addition, I am looking forward to an advent calendar, too, because my friend and I have decided to give each other a homemade one with love sayings.

My inner man:
Well, for me the Christmas rush is rather not so important, but I enjoy it, when I see my family so happy. I do more the practical tasks then, such as attaching the lights. Moreover, everything is always so well planned ahead, that the entire organization works well and I'm pleased with the Christmas season.

And what about your inner family? When and how does your Christmas season begin?


Hello Ayleen, I like to join ........ What shall I do?

Fine, I rejoice. How do you want to represent your inner family? And how do your individual inner family members look upon Christmas time? Feel into yourself: Is your inner child happy, if you give her / him the promise (sincere and also carried out) for a beautiful Christmas season? Greetings, yours Ayleen

Inner child:
Yes, I am looking forward to the many gifts, the great decorated tree and the lights that sparkle so beautifully. The fire in the furnace, that is so beautifully crackling and when we sing .... “Oh Du fröhliche, oh du selige, Gnaden bringende Weihnachtszeit“..... this is such a beautiful song.

Inner woman:
Oh, the hard work, everything gets hung up on me and if I tell the others what to do, it will not be done in the way as I want it. Therefore I prefer doing it myself. But it annoys me, that they cannot do it right. Bad mood and maybe dispute are the result.

Inner man:
Oh, actually quite nice if there wouldn´t always prevail so much pressure and perfectionism. In a pub, with friends and with my wife, it would be fun and not as stiff. I am looking forward to the good food and I am pleased with the laughing children's eyes when they open their presents.

Who would like to present his inner family, too? I am really looking forward to you. Yours Ayleen

Back again directly to your inner family. Try the following with your inner woman. Make a list of everything your inner woman thinks she has to do and then put it in front of your inner man. What does he consider as unnecessary and where does he find more practical solutions? If your inner woman orientates herself more at the view of your inner man, she will feel relieved. Greetings, yours Ayleen

Inner family with inner man, inner woman and inner child

11/29/2015 - Ritual: Healing the love center of your inner family

This evening from 18.00 until 18.30 o´clock I would like to perform a common ritual with you, which is under the topic: Healing the love center of your inner family.

For this purpose, it would be nice, if you lovingly take your inner family as symbolic figures, photos - or whatever you chose - to you, hear relaxing soft music and maybe use incense. Then think with love of your inner family and let yourself gradually fall more and more into the transcendence. I'm going into a meditative state, join you and fill your inner families love center (the Rose in the picture).


It was a nice quiet and very relaxing meditation.

Inner family with inner man, inner woman and inner child
My inner child with the reindeers.
Inner family: inner child, inner woman, inner man
My inner woman
adorns the bouquets.

Inner family: inner child, inner woman, inner man
My inner man attaches the lights.

11/29/2015 - decorating

Just a few photos as we don´t have much time, because we are still zealously at decorating (inner woman and inner man) - well, I'm playing more around (inner child).

And what is your inner family doing at this moment?

inner family, inner child

inner woman, inner family, inner child
That's what I'm going to continue with my son tomorrow :)
Stuff we have already decorated ....

Your candles triangle I have got as a candle arch. It stands in my psychotherapeutic room.

inner child, inner woman, inner man: inner family
Perhaps I am a bit late, but now I am ready to show my decoration. Inside of me only my inner woman and my inner child have decorated. My inner man has somewhere gone lost. I believe that my inner woman only decorated for my inner child, so that my inner child isn´t sad.

Your decoration has become very nice and also quite balanced in the chakra colors. Feel into yourself whether the pink tree comes from your inner child, your inner woman or the heart transcendence behind your inner woman.

The inner man is for many people rather a bit difficult to perceive as an impulse, so it makes sense to gain insights by the outer mirror of a current partner relationship. Is there a partner in your life and how does he participate in your Christmas season?
Kind regards

inner child, inner woman, inner man: inner family
Hello Ayleen, my decoration consists out of this Advent setting. I think my inner woman has thought up how it should look, and my inner man has thought about a logical, sensible and safe construction. My inner child is pleased, because it is very colorful and the candlelight flickers so beautiful. Whenever I sit at the table, I light the candles and look forward to the peaceful atmosphere, which is I think my wife. Nevertheless, I have always the candles in view, so that nothing inflames, that's probably my inner man.

inner child, inner woman, inner man: inner family

11/30/2015 - Therapeutic Quality: Appreciative attention of the inner family and transfer into everyday life

Today I have a voluntary exercise for you about appreciative attention of your inner family and transfer into your normal everyday life. Pay equally attention to every member of your inner family and acknowledge their respective contribution to your life. For my inner family it looks like this:

I thank my inner man, that he has today, as at every end of the month, so competently done my accounting and governs very reliable my finances.

My inner woman is primarily the one, who has just shot a few belly dance videos in common joy with Michaela and Susanne and designs in cooperation with my inner man a new website "free Online-Courses learning Belly Dance as a Moving Meditation" (which is expected to be finished by the end of the year).

free online courses belly dancing

My inner child gives me the enthusiasm for the Christmas season and has the most fun at this Christmas project of the inner family.

I thank all three for their valuable contribution to my quality of life.
Please look for the value of your individual family members for your everyday life, too.

Best regards
your Ayleen

12/1/2015 - We are building a gingerbread house

The last three years, after my son had grown out of the age of building a gingerbread house, I designed my gingerbread house very simple. I bought two packs sweets mix, which were packed in flat cardboard houses, sticked them together and decorated them. Accessories such as barn, witch, Hänsel and Gretel (German fairy tale) were already available. My inner family thought the following:

Inner child: I am delighted! It´s a lot of fun to build a gingerbread house with mama - and I can nibble some sweets, too. Isn´t it beautiful? It's the most amazing gingerbread house of the world!

Inner woman: When I see the shining eyes of my child, it always warms up my heart. But we only build a small, simple gingerbread house, that doesn´t take too much time, because my man doesn´t feel like too much "kid stuff". But since my child lives in the moment and therefore has a completely different sense of time than we have as adults, our gingerbread house is from her perception just as valuable as a much larger one.

Inner man: I don´t begrudge my child her joy and such a small gingerbread house, as suggested by my wife, is all right. But to spend hours with building a gingerbread house, child or not, would go too far, because sometimes there must adult stuff be done. We have already used too much time on the decorating anyway.

inner woman, inner child, inner man (inner family)

Therapeutic Quality:
In dealing with the inner family should first the individual positions of the inner family members be clearly distinguished. Then from the meta-level you can intrapsychically find a compromise for optionally opposing needs.
But as the "coincidence" it will, this year my friend did not get the houses when he went shopping, so I had to think of something else. The decorating of the Playmobil scenes then took me to a very nice idea.

Hello my dears,
a few times I have heard the objection, that while there is interest in my inner family Christmas project, it disturbs that everything is public. These concerns are, of course, entitled, but my goal is to make the inner family and how to practically deal with the inner family well-known for everybody.

Who is hampered by the fact that everything is public, can temporarily set up an account under a pseudonym and participate from there. In this respect, I don´t distinguish between personally known and unknown persons anymore, but open this account for everybody who wants to join in. If I do personally know you, you can tell me your pseudonym.

Otherwise, you are welcome just as a spectator, too, because with my inner family I will show you completely open my personal way of celebrating Christmas – but interactively I would like most. Perhaps even without your own inner family you may comment about some of my topics?

In this sense a Merry Christmas season
wishes your Ayleen

inner woman, inner child, inner man (inner family)
My creative gingerbread house with light.
inner woman, inner child, inner man (inner family)
Draw the gingerbread house.
inner child, inner woman, inner man
Colour for the windows.
inner child, inner woman, inner man
The cardboard construction is finished.
inner child, inner woman, inner man
The instruction

12/1/2015 - Instruction for a gingerbread house with light and without baking

My inner family is enthusiastic about my idea for this year's gingerbread house.

Inner child: Oooh, with real light! I want to be as great as mom and dad when I´m grown up.

Inner woman: The gingerbread house is really very nice. I like being so creative. I have particularly enjoyed that my man was with us this year.

Inner man: This year I really enjoyed the gingerbread house building, too, because the cardboard construction was an interesting challenge for my spatial imagination and I like the lighting technology.

If you want to bake a gingerbread house made out of gingerbread, you'll find plenty of instructions in the internet. For my gingerbread house without baking and with light you need:
cardboard in A4 size
transparent paper
adhesive (maybe additional packing tape)
short LED light chain (which doesn´t warm up)
1 egg
icing sugar
sweets for decoration

Print out my template for the gingerbread house and cut it out along the solid lines. Then place it on your cardboard, trace it and cut the cardboard out. Adhesive colorful transparent paper on the window and door openings. At the dashed lines fold the cardboard. This folding becomes more accurate, if you bend the board around a ruler. Then you can assemble your gingerbread house. And if your gingerbread house at any point doesn´t quite hold, you can optionally stabilize it from the inside with packing tape J. If you want a template for the oven, too, you can take any small cardboard box, but you can also put it together without cardboard directly with larger candies.

For the frosting you separate the egg whites from the yolks and add to the egg whites as much powdered sugar as you need for a viscous mass. If the consistency is not right, you can add water, but don´t use too much, because the candy stick better the tougher the mass is. When you decorate your gingerbread house beautifully, please remember to set up a candy or other sweet for the chimney. At last you can add a few icicles with the rest of your frosting and sprinkle powdered sugar as snow over your house. Scattered through a sieve the icing sugar will be more evenly distributed.

Finally you do the light chain through the rear opening in your gingerbread house and put up the witch and the other pieces.
Enjoy yourself with building a gingerbread house.

inner woman, inner child, inner man
Hello Ayleen, although I have not tinkered a gingerbread house, I have already baked a few cookies. I think the most fun had my inner woman and my inner child. My inner woman considered how the biscuits can be made so that they look beautiful and taste delicious. My inner child totally likes to mush in batter and outdo biscuits or shape them. My inner man is more in the background, but he is there if something technically doesn´t work well. He remains calm and gives a few tips. I believe my inner woman and my inner child love the biscuits most, because they are so beautiful sweet.

I'm going to do quite the same, but I haven´t had time for baking yet. But for tomorrow I have planned it and then I'll think of you.
Kind regards
your Ayleen
inner woman, inner child, inner man
In the meantime my gingerbread house looks like this.

inner woman, inner child, inner man

12/2/2015 - Therapeutic Quality: conscious inner decision

Exercise: Inner children love to build a gingerbread house, but nevertheless it remains a decision of the entire inner family, whether and in what form a gingerbread house is built.

Therefore try to feel inwardly how your individual inner family members perceive the building of a gingerbread house. It is important to perceive more deeply than: "It's a family tradition.", "I have no time." and "I am too clumsy." Who and why likes the family tradition? Who decides how much and what needs to be done in what time? Who issues which claims at how high perfection? Who of your inner family has the greatest influence on the final decision? Is this so only when building a gingerbread house or is this particularly influential inner family member also in other decisions dominant?

If you should finally decide against building a gingerbread house, I advise you not to let your inner child watch eagerly, but to choose a loving alternative. For example you can buy a small gingerbread house (the alternative should be directly comparable and therefore include a concrete gingerbread house) and then you can read to your inner child the fairy tale "Hansel and Gretel" (what is the English correspondence?) in a cozy atmosphere with candlelight. For this purpose, you may also take your doll or your inner-child character on your lap. Most important for your inner child is your loving attention.

Perhaps you like to tell the others, how your inner family decided about the gingerbread house? Are there beautiful photos? 

12/3/2015 - How can I participate at this Christmas project?

Question: Your Christmas project is very interesting, but I am not familiar with the inner family and therefore do not know how I can join.

Answer: Unless you have read my just published book "Spiritual Psychotherapy: The inner family" (only German, English will follow) or you are one of my clients, you cannot know about the inner family, because I present the inner family only just now with this project in practical application to the public. In this respect, you need only open-mindedness for trying something new in order to participate.

The inner family consists of three intrapsychic aspects which make the human personality structure and are therefore particularly important. So it's worth, good to know your inner family and lovingly deal with it. And this is with what this project wants to support you.

With three different approaches you can take part at this project. First, you can just post as you celebrate Christmas and how are you doing so. If this shows certain likes and dislikes, hints about your inner family may arise from this.

Secondly, the external relations are a reflection of the inner psychic family, so that all relationship experiences - which are particularly intense during the Christmas season - have to do with the inner family and I give appropriate instructions.

Third, you can feel inwards of yourself and try to perceive inner psychic impulses. Then I give you feedback what it could be.

But if you simply tell only your Christmas experiences and participate in my actions, without wanting to know which inner family member is responsible, you are also welcome.

I wish for a beautiful common Christmastime
yours Ayleen


Hello Ayleen,
I want to try the first alternative:

Christmas Eve and some days before and afterwards I spent at my parent´s home. Just recently I have been experimenting with the time perspective treatment of Zimbardo and the couple Sword. That made me take more and more positive past experiences into focus again. This is a main focus of the approach next to satisfactory activities in the presence and objectives in the future to be worked toward.

It has struck me that I previously enjoyed the celebrations much more. In short, I want to juxtapose the sequences. 

Anticipated is, that my mother is still alive and I have four brothers and sisters. Today it is so that everybody gives a present to everyone. This tradition developed over time. In the childhood it was different. But that isn´t all that relevant.

Previously, the living room was closed for us on the day before Christmas. There the manger was prepared, the tree decorated and so on. And the room was really so completely closed that we (five) children had no insight into it. At some point - if I remember right after the Christmas Mass - we were allowed to enter the living room.

Today ... everything is done together and the living room is open for all. Even ... before the giving of the presents we see how they are slowly stacked. Because all of us six persons put the presents at the same time ready for the other family members.

I think the combination of waiting, by it generated anticipation and ... the influence of the Christ child, which one perceived quite differently as a child, made the difference to me. Today it looks more like this:

- We just see each other. That doesn´t often happen in the year because we all live scattered outside the parental home, but it is also nothing special.

- Then things will be exchanged. Sometimes you get – that´s boring – just what you wanted. Sometimes one is more or less positively surprised by the own ideas of the siblings. But nevertheless ... it´s nothing really great.

Perhaps ... for some time I am so embroiled in internal processes that I generally ... no longer react so sensitive to external stimuli. My hypothesis. :)

Did not know if ... I posted at the right place here (?)

First of all, it is the right place and I am very happy that you're here. Your thesis that you are more concerned with internal processes and therefore react less to external stimuli, is certainly true. But in fact, you can intensify tremendously your internal processes, when you use the external stimuli as a mirror to better recognize your inner processes
You could, for example, have a closer look on why it rather bores you when you get what you wish for. Namely, there is a deeper yearning behind it.
In addition, you describe yourself as a child from the past very well. In fact, however, your inner child would be as happy as in the past on Christmas even today, so it is worth investigating where it since remained.
Best regards
your Ayleen

Although I ... actually draw also a lot of strength from joyful moments in the past. An essential facet of the time perspective therapy is to respond to flashbacks (reliving traumatic experiences) by gently refocus attention on positive past experiences. Otherwise ... this year I have again highly personalized gifts for the family members. And my brothers and sisters or at least some of them ... also try from time to time to actively respond more creative than just taking things from the Amazon list with wishes of the others. This is more the emergency option if you really have no idea. :)

But ... first, I must think a little about your impulses and look at them deeper.

For the Integrative Psychotherapy of the inner family you need both, stability and healing. The ego-stability by strengthening the resources (e.g. via positive memories) is a necessary requirement for the healing of old injuries with regression to the inner child or EMDR.

Transferred into an image, if somebody has got an injured leg and a healthy one, it makes sense first to strengthen and use the healthy leg to learn how to cope well with everyday life and relieve the injured leg to heal it. Finally the person goes equally well on two legs through life.

A trauma therapy without looking at the old injury remains incomplete.

Hm ... as a gut feeling ... I would agree with you. But ... I'm not sure. In the time perspective therapy, for example, confrontation doesn´t exist. Some other techniques or approaches also believe in the only power of resources. Ultimately this shall lead to a developing process, too. Somewhere I read ... that it is not necessary to drive on the severe things explicitly. They would the other way round visit oneself. From my experience, I would simply confirm this.


You're absolutely right, the severity actually comes to us from alone, because everything unredeemed time and again wants to make aware of itself until it is healed and the person has learned. Actually, most people who are "forced" to learn eventually do it, but with lots of energy spend on continued repression unfavorable patterns can also often be repeated.

If you decide yourself for healing and development instead of fighting against a seemingly external fate of severity or to resign, life becomes a learning task that you can actively live and the severity is resolved as quickly as possible. To look at the severity and resolve it is much easier than to run away or to helplessly endure or to fight it. This decision for development only requires a lot of courage.

I think, you have to come to the right middle of the performance range. In reference books often referred to with the term "window of tolerance". And there you will get ... with skills. Yes, you have to deal with the severity. But ... for me, I deal with it through the strong application of EMDR anyway.

In fact, with EMDR you have got a very strong way to heal emotions. How are you dealing with the feelings that you stir?

[Note: How the different forms of EMDR are used, I explain in a German journal article. In addition I have published the books "EMDR for babies" (in English) and "Spiritual EMDR" (English translation in progress).]

Good question, I'll have to ponder ... first, think about it. At the moment I try again with avoidance. Or so ... somehow on the level of understanding I comfort me with anything as far as possible. Or somehow look at it as a learning experience. So that it was a kind of "training money" that wasn´t paid in vain.

To process and reflect something intellectually makes sense in any case, but the EMDR method aims to stir up feelings in order to process them then. If you are simultaneously applying EMDR and then try to avoid the thus triggered feelings, it's like to go full throttle with a car and apply the brakes at the same time.Therefore, I see your approach as questionable.
Kind regards
your Ayleen

Yes ... the "taking" and "accepting" of experiences or its facets is something I "should" do, but where it is still lacking something. I have recently increasingly become aware of this.

12/4/2015 - How did I actually come up with the idea for this Christmas project of the inner family?

I love Christmas tradition, but in retrospect I particularly keep the special Christmas times in my memory, such as my first year of marriage with Christmas in England or when I, on another occasion, from inwardly wrote the text of my illustrated book "The Lord's Prayer for Mystics" (only in German) between Christmas and New Year or years later when I changed into a spontaneous transcendence state with a time sense of eternity, which apparently the others unconsciously felt, too, by confirming the unusually profound peace atmosphere. In contrast, the remaining also quite lovely Christmas times lost their individual character and flowed together to Christmas with parents, as a couple and as a family.

Last year, it would have been just another repetition of Christmas as a couple, and that wouldn´t have been enough for me. The special Christmas times had their reasons in changing life circumstances or spiritual experiences. So I asked myself last year, how that Christmas season could be made a special festival and got the inspiration to seek the love among the earthly structures. So I turned the whole Christmas time under this motto and crafted it into a video project. It had become such a special season with so many positive surprises and a beautiful film result, that I wanted to put this year's Christmas time under a motto once again.

However, I initially did not understand the contradictory divine impulses. So I equally should consider the Christmas time as important and yet consistently work during my private celebration time, retire for myself and still be open to even the public, take care especially of my inner family what I have already done all the years before anyway, so that there was neither something special about it nor to develop something? In addition, just now the time should have come to implement my true spiritual task. What had that to do with my private Christmas time?

Then overnight I received the answer. Through this Christmas project in connection with my just published guide "Spiritual Psychotherapy: The inner family" (English translation will follow) I would begin with my spiritual task as an ambassador of love: "Take the love with you and bring it in the earthly structures." My first step is to introduce the earthly personality structures of the human psyche as an inner family.

Now the time has come to fulfill my calling.

Spiritual Master Ayleen
The Spiritual Master Ayleen with a Christmas project about the inner family (inner child, inner woman, inner man).

inner child
Webinars about the inner family: inner child

12/5/2015 - Webinars about the inner family in everyday life: Part 1 inner child

English page about the webinar

inner family: inner woman, inner child, inner man
My inner man prepares Nicholas.
inner family: inner woman, inner child, inner man
My inner family celebrates Nicholas.

12/6/2015 - Nicholas

My Nicholas naturally began yesterday evening with boot cleaning and providing. For this purpose, my inner man said: For the gifts of Nicholas I am responsible, so that they remain a surprise for my wife and my child. Therefore I will cover them as a precaution, if someone comes into the living room. I myself feel not so much involved in Nicholas, so I usually do not get any gifts.

On Nicholas day then came the following comments.
Inner child: Finally Nicholas. It has taken far too long. I could hardly sleep with excitement. So many surprise eggs and such a big chocolate Santa Claus. But most of all I am looking forward to the time with my mom, when she reads out of my Advent-book to me every day. Today there are already six chapters to read!

Inner woman: Actually, I'm most happy about the fact that my man has prepared the boot so nice and my child is happy. But the Christmas romance I will also enjoy reading.

Inner man: I think it's good that my child and my wife get every year an Advent´s book, a Christmas romance and the chocolate Santa Claus, because tradition makes Nicholas so easy to be planned. And the additional music stand for the table was reasonably priced and is convenient, so I'm satisfied.
Do you also have a tradition for Nicholas Day?

inner family: inner woman, inner child, inner man
Dear Ayleen, at Nicholas my inner child got a Playmobil Advent calendar and felt pens this year. Previously, I had always wanted Playmobil as a kid, but never got it. At the beginning I had a few problems to concede this desire - as an adult – but then I persuaded myself and gave my inner child the calendar. I was really excited when it arrived. For building it up my child got help by my inner man. My inner woman put a little candle inside of it, so that it lights up beautifully. Every morning my inner child opens a new door and expands the post office. About the felt pens I've thought long. I wanted to give no chocolate or toy with which nothing can be done. The felt pens came to my mind, because I wanted to have new ones for some time, but I hadn´t allowed me them. I think that was a bit of desire by my wife.

Really great, how you fulfill your childhood dreams. Exactly the same calendar I have given my inner child a few years ago. But I won´t post a photo, because I don´t want to spoil the surprise for you. By the way, a red star wasn´t with my calendar.
Best regards
your Ayleen

My inner woman has put star onto it to make the looks even more Christmassy :)

inner child
inner woman My inner child flute, my inner woman plays guitar and my inner man piano.
inner man
12/8/2015 - Christmas music playing

My inner family likes playing music very much and loves Christmas songs. It is my inner man at the piano, my inner woman plays guitar and my inner child flute. Sometime I noticed that I have this internal connection to the different instruments and thereby also can specifically address my individual inner family members. During Advent, I try to play all the instruments as evenly as possible, while the rest of the year I confine myself to piano and guitar.

inner child
So, dear ones, now I played a round with dolls, too. Today I was together with my sister and was allowed to play with this attractive Baby Born doll of my sister with the self-made beautiful clothes. I wanted to take a photo of it, so that my best friend can see the things, that he has ordered for his 1 year old daughter. Isn´t it very cute as I put it? My inner woman prepared everything well and my inner man wanted to make it look perfect. My inner child was totally playful with the things and my inner family felt connected together. My delicate inner man was happy about the confirmation of my friend, that he was very much touched. My plan worked.


Nice that you participate. Greetings Ayleen
inner family: inner woman, inner child, inner man
Dear Ayleen, instead of making music we rather tinker. This year we want to tinker a lot of Christmas presents by ourselves. Among other things, a jewelry board for my sister at which she can hang her ornaments. My inner man thought for a long time about how the project can best be carried out. After the plan was there, my inner woman enthusiastically begun to mix the colors and paint the boards together with my inner child. Now, however, we are at a point where something inhibits us. The next step is to attach the hanger and to build a wooden box, which is mounted on a board then. Perhaps my inner man slows the progress down, because he hasn´t carefully considered this step, yet, and / or my wife, because she fears that it won´t be good enough. I'm going to sit down with my whole inner family at the desk and sign the next steps. Maybe they calm and the joy and activity comes back. Many greetings from the creative workshop :)

A challenging task, which at that point exactly requires craftsmanship of your inner man. So it's good to proceed step by step as you do it. Perhaps your inner man lacks just a little technical experience? Then it would be easier to seek the support of a craft partner. I wish you very much success with your project.
Kind regards your Ayleen


Dear Ayleen, a handicraft partner I have got with my friend who helps me a lot. However, he also has very high standards. The result was that I - my inner woman – tried to meet his requirements to get his approval. My inner man, however, was completely overwhelmed so it came to feelings of stress and anxiety. As the time was very short and I could not sleep because of that anymore, I confessed to myself that it was too much. Was it my inner man who wanted to create it in order to impress my inner woman? – And I minimized the project. The aim of completely finishing it is shifted. My sister gets the last part just a little later then. So there is even an additional surprise for her. With this solution everyone is happy and we still have a bit of time to enjoy the pre-Christmas atmosphere without stress. Many greetings

solved, great! With love yours Ayleen.

12/9/2015 -  A day in Advent

In the morning I usually wake up without an alarm clock. At what time I wake up, my divine consciousness regulates in regard to what's coming up for the day. So at powerful days I already get up at about 5.00 o´clock in the morning, but yesterday was a relaxed day with my life partner, so I slept until just after 6.00 o´clock. First, I water my flowers then, finish various tasks, yesterday I designed the concept for my next belly dance video recordings and answer my many e-mails. Currently, I also often look at our Christmas project. While this efficiently doing of things, mostly my inner man is standing in the foreground, usually in cooperation with the other inner family members who are the most appropriate for each task.

Later at about 9.00 o´clock my friend regularly gets up. We live separately, but he stayed overnight with me, where we sleep in separate rooms. Even during my marriage my husband and I had from the beginning separate study and bedrooms, which in each case was a matching desire of both partners and me. I am a very individualistic personality with high inner-man-share, so I need my personal space.

My friend and I answered together briefly one last e-mail about our planned vacation together and then rang my counseling phone. I phoned about twenty minutes, while my friend was in the bathroom and then I put off my helplines for the rest of the day. It is easy for me to spontaneously switch internally to counseling, because I'm consistently in my holistic consciousness and don´t make a distinction between private and professional life or calling anyway, but sometimes I'm just not attainable.

As always my friend and I spent our morning in bed together. I am in a mixture of transcendent, energetically perceiving and inner woman then. Sexually we are more matching than in any other area. As a small child's soul my friend is without conscious interest in spirituality still so open and so very spiritual, that I can meet him at the deepest level. He himself though is only, if at all, aware of a small section of it, but reacts so directly, that I am exchanging from soul to soul with him. His earthly structures are a well-connected inner-man-woman personality, so that he lives completely his inner man in bed and loves my inner woman. I'm always fascinated by his transcendent openness and at the same time innocent pure masculinity through which divine love flows. The love energy I perceive so strongly that it almost flows from every pore and is expressed mainly in his eyes. Sometimes the dose is too high for him and then he closes down for a while. However, yesterday was a particularly satisfying and beautiful morning when we came together to orgasm. Actually it happens rather frequently, because we both are balanced in our inner-man-woman personality shares so that our emotional and passionate demands are very close.

Then we were alternately in the bathroom, I wrote a shopping list for things that he would buy for me, did my laundry and answered more newly received e-mails. While he was shopping and had breakfast, I met a client. Because I offer appointments on weekends, too, I don´t put more than two appointments on days when my friend is free from his shiftwork. We don´t eat breakfast together anyway, because he cooks so well for the evening, that additional breakfast is too much for me.
In the early afternoon spontaneously the boy from under us rang at my door, because his school had finished earlier than usual and he hadn´t got any keys. He brought some child energy in our day. When his father came home, I went down briefly, because I wanted to discuss a few things with him anyway. Then my friend and I shared a cozy Advent afternoon for two.

First we opened our mutual love calendars and I also my inner-child calendar with a Playmobil Christmas Market. Of the really lovely love sayings that I've got so far, I like the following three particularly well. My friend didn´t add the author´s name for our private purpose, so I don´t know from whom they are. They are in English, because it belongs to my calling to reinforced refresh my English and therefore it was my wish.
12/01/2015: You don't need someone to complete you. You need someone to accept you completely.
12/05/2015: We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.
12/06/2015: A real man doesn't love the most beautiful woman in the world, he loves the woman who makes his world the most beautiful.

Then I read aloud yesterday´s chapter of my Advent book for my friend and above all my own inner child. Normally my friend in reverse reads aloud stories out of books for me as a common hobby, but for this Advent story we exchanged our roles. Of course, my friend isn´t so really interested in a childish girl story, but he let my inner child has her joy.

Therefore he was allowed to choose whether I should rather play the piano, guitar or flute and decided for the piano. So I played the piano and we sang together. Although just at the beginning of the Christmas season our Christmas carols sometimes weren´t quite fluently, we very much enjoyed our music making. Afterwards we watched our personal Christmas video "The love among the structures" from last year, which lasts for almost an hour. In his identification with his inner man my friend believes, that all this Christmas stuff doesn´t really interest him and that he joins in only for me, but since I can perceive his full transcendental personality and inner family, I don´t care what he says, as long as he participates internally sufficiently well involved.

Then my friend cooked our vegetarian dinner. With this he lived his inner woman, while my inner woman regularly cannot prevail against my inner man in that point. I cook very rarely and then very easy because my inner man regards the effort as too inefficient and prefers to use the time for professional duties or my calling. Accordingly, yesterday during the cooking from my friend I was at the computer and dealt with this Christmas project. But then my inner woman was responsible for the Christmas romance at dinner again. While my friend was washing the dishes, I looked at my e-mails once again and then took over the drying.

Finally, we watched together the video "Walk the Line" about Johnny Cash. In my online guitar course I'm learning - now interrupted by the Christmas corals - this song. By the way, from the online guitar course I got the idea to offer my belly dance as moving meditation courses also online. It turned out by my guitar course, that my friend liked many songs by Johnny Cash and yesterday in the film he sang in between eagerly. Finally, at about 23.00 o´ clock he said goodbye and went home, while I went to bed.

This was such an Advent day, how I live it in everyday life with my inner family. Why don´t you look at yourselves, too, how your inner families design your everyday life?

All my best wishes
yours Ayleen

Comment: Dear Ayleen, thank you for telling us so detailed about your day. That helps me a lot in understanding my own inner family. Thank you!

12/10/2015 - Inner man inner woman relationship:
Two clients of mine participate in this Christmas project under a pseudonym, so I would like to briefly introduce their background. About two years ago, they both came independently to me. They have already gone through intensive development processes and have a complete inner family who they can perceive well. In addition, they both have just now made a leap to a new awareness level, which primarily includes the connection of the soul to earthly structures.

Recently I got by the soul level the information to bring them into contact, because their souls lovingly want to support each other. At this information I looked at my notes in this respect closely once again and found that the two really fit together surprisingly well with everything else, too. In fact, also their personality structures and their partner ideas were perfect for each other. So I talked to both of them and in the meantime they´ve written a few mutual e-mails, whose content I don´t know.

Now, from Selma, I got this morning the following e-mail:

"Dear Ayleen, I think I'm going crazy. ... Either I do not express myself, he does not understand me or I do not understand his answer, because I think he has understood nothing of what I have written. Otherwise he would not come with such a "naked in bed" thing. Where is there the "delicate" man? ... Here our mails:


Hi Thomas, I think I'm really a bit confused. I think, when I arrived at home today for the first time I understood what Ayleen really explains. I should open myself or be honest. Shit I always thought. I already do it, more I can´t say to the soul, etc.

But that I should represent myself as a vulnerable tender woman towards you, was somehow not really clear to me until today. That it has to do with the healing of woman / man relationship I did not understand. I have somehow assumed that it has something to do with seeing the soul and support each other at that level. Yes, I know that's all already so businesslike, but I have to write it this way, so I understand everything better. You have probably already understood everything.

So, about the man woman thing I have got a huge fear!!! How to be seen as a delicate vulnerable woman, I do not even know. Perhaps you know that? Then you can help me. You once asked me, how I would feel, if I imagine that you're taking me into your arms. What I write now has nothing to do with you. So I feel afraid, deeper disgust, even further down grief and my body is numb. I even cry, because I don´t believe that a man only wants to be protective and caring without being domineering or on grip. I know that I haven´t said much so far, but I cannot write more at the moment. Until then, best wishes, Selma.

Oh Selma you pull yourself down too deep. It is not necessary for you. On the one hand you talk about dislike and still you let yourself in on me and you write more and more openly. I think that's really great. Of course, I'm a bit shocked when I read about fear, disgust and sadness, but not in reference to me. I know I am still a stranger to you, but I'll ask the question anyway. Did you ever have a bad experience with a man, or even a little darker? I have to take care a bit, as I write to you. Not that you become averse to me and I lose you out of my hands. And I write this not to undermine you, but because you're interesting. My whole circle of friends consists of so-called softies. That's why I can say with a clear conscience, that not all men are as in your world, which you are going to leave soon. Is this the reason why you study various religions, to find answers and understanding? Wouldn´t it be nice if one would lie together in bed (naked) and someone is caressing you? And not from dominance, but because he thinks you are beautiful and exciting and he likes being next to you? You've written twice, the delicate vulnerable woman. Vulnerable? Does Ayleen say it, or is it your imagination, because you think, who is tender is vulnerable. Excuse me, if I have written a little weird, but it came just from the gut this way. I wish you a nice night and lovely dreams. I'll think about it, how I can help you and I will stir up the tender in you. But I can only repeat, unfortunately, we are looking for something outside where it isn´t, because it is in ourselves. Best regards

What do you say, Ayleen? All love your Selma."

Dear Selma, you have ventured an incredibly bold move with your very honest and open e-mail and got by Thomas an equally open and actually very delicate masculine response. Please try to deliberately read his answer with your heart to feel the affection contained therein.

The response of Thomas is committed to you, male and internally well connected. In fact, the healthy inner man expresses his love through the body - in a form that respects the woman - and nothing else writes Thomas. The belittling of physical love expression is rather a social distortion than it should be a scale. Thomas combines the physical approach with a lot of feeling and genuine interest in you.

But for your inner woman talks will be far more important at first and physical fantasies should be confined to put an arm around the shoulders. What topics would you like to chat with him about? Are there common hobbies and interests? You two are authentic personalities with a lot of depth, who meet under rather unusual circumstances, but even then the approach should gradually start at the surface and then go deeper. Finally, it takes confidence to mutually opening up. Dear Selma, what would you like to know about Thomas to establish cautious confidence?

So, I would leave the two alone. How can Selma know what she wants to hear about Thomas, if she wants to get to know herself? I fully understand the difficulty.
That sounds really quite difficult, but the two have already made such intense inner psychic experiences, that they actually can solve such tasks and can transfer from the outside inwards and vice versa. 

Have you yourself perhaps ever had the experience, that an external situation triggers much internally? This effect can effectively be used for the own spiritual development.
Kind regards Ayleen

Of course, right now. I'm trying to let go of the past and I feel like everything is brighter and the sense of unreality dissolves. Selma must let go of the old ways, who gave her former security.
Yes, to release the old is important and the one side of the coin. The other side is to embrace the happiness. Everyone wants to be happy, but if luck is really tangible, unconscious defense mechanisms occur, because the old state was at least familiar, where in the new situation one doesn´t know what to expect. It actually takes courage to be happy.

12/17/2015 Meanwhile, Selma and Thomas have met personally. Although it was a nice first date for both of them and they are in a very positive process, they have upset each other in their personality structures very much, because they mutually haven´t served their usual pattern. The next comments show typical psychological aftereffects. Both are very upset and try to stabilize their original patterns, which distorts their otherwise excellent recognition temporarily.

Selma: ... Ok, if that's this way, apparently I have no problems with my inner woman at all. This is probably one of my greatest strengths. Then I have that, what I generally considered as male, confused with my femininity? With my apparently wrongly considered male method I have lived all my relationships. Then I have nothing manly or what? Ok, I prefer to write, make things concrete and rather say where, how and when I want to go somewhere. But one must indeed proceed like this, if I dislike the proposed. I was also surprised, when I got the feedback yesterday, that I indeed can be quite sensual. Yeah, I have never denied it or had problems with it, though yesterday nothing of it was there (at least in my feeling), but on the contrary. Maybe I quite simply don´t know what is male and what is female?
Did Thomas and I then both meet with our inner women? But actually, Ayleen you have said, that I do not operate in this pattern? Yesterday, I met Thomas with my familiar pattern: "Now, it might become uncomfortable, therefore I take the leading (as I had the impression). I don´t know anything anymore!

Ayleen: Dear Selma,
this has more to do with the fact, that your inner family members especially like to take over those tasks for which they are not responsible. Your comment above describes your female goal while we were talking about your tendencial male procedure yesterday. You're trying to reach through your inner man female goals. Therefore you look more energy-analyzing at such a situation, albeit with a friendly relationship goal, than through your female feelings.
Kind regards
your Ayleen

Thomas: So Selma, then I will put you off even more. You live too much in your own world, so for outsiders it is somewhat difficult to come through to you. The Thomas had to repeat himself constantly, so that you perceive him, because you gave him the feeling, that you listen with only one ear. He certainly was unaffected, because he was aware of you as a woman. You have not directed everything. He has just let you do. You've certainly said, I speak as much because otherwise the others are always talking. The Thomas was certainly a good listener and maybe you should admit to yourself that you've just felt comfortable.

Ayleen: And Thomas is now considering a little break and feels inside, why he is just disturbed in his masculinity. – Where there two inner men who met one another?

Thomas: Then I'm quickly going to slip into my role as my man. Today, I have touched on my outer meniscus and I will spend the holiday season with crutches. I have taken the pain like a man and persevered until the end. More man does not work today and I do not want, too.

Ayleen: I'm sorry and I wish you a speedy recovery. But I'm going off to bed, now. Good night.

Thomas: I don´t understand anything anymore.

Ayleen, thanks for the reply, this statement I understand. Thomas, what I have written is in no way against you. I look only at me, what I perceive in me.

A small location determination for a very exciting relationship dynamic: Selma is completely within herself and in intensive positive development, just keep it up!

The same is true for Thomas, who for the first time exactly has to do now with what he originally wanted. Selma is a very complex personality with different personality shares that engage differently in different situations. Thomas has wished to meet a woman, who also represents her own views, is within herself, isn´t always oriented only at him and sometimes has her own opposing opinion. Well, you should be careful what you wish for, because sometimes the universe satisfies the desires  ;)

You two are really great and I wish you to continue in such a development stimulating way.

All love your Ayleen

Spiritual Psychotherapy: The inner family

12/10/2015 - Webinars: The inner family in everyday life 

inner child
inner child
inner woman
inner woman
inner man
inner man

12/12/2015 - The webinar technique tests were a disaster!

My first technology tests with Hangout On Air a few days ago were with gurgling noises and echo in the background, so that first of all I bought a headset. However, it doesn´t seem to make the slightest difference, even though the headset is turned on and everything was switched to the headset. Well, of course, I can be understood, but nice is different. Does anyone know what can be the reason?

Much worse, however, is that even the questions function doesn´t seem to work, although I have enabled it beforehand. From mobile devices you probably can´t ask questions anyway, but also logged in on the computer via the Google account, it was not working.

<So I have now changed to the following solution. Please ask your questions to the inner family (this time specifically to the inner child) per e-mail and I'll answer them tomorrow in the webinar as announced, because at least the transfer seems to be working. And maybe you even succeed in asking direct questions. I let myself be surprised.

Once again the inner family meditations:
12/13/2015: from 18.00 to 18.30 o´clock inner family meditation
12/20/2015: from 18.00 to 18.30 o´clock inner family meditation
12/29/2015: from 18.00 to 18.30 o´clock inner family meditation

Kind regards
your Ayleen


Earlier, I got e-mail feedback:
"I am registered with YouTube and it looks as if I can write comments / questions." So I have no idea why it doesn´t work with two other people. Just check out as it is with you.

This morning I received a very interesting e-mail:

"Dear Ayleen,
even if I no longer concern myself with the things that you do, I make sure to occasionally stop by your activities. For your present error message I cannot otherwise than to comment it. Very possibly it has a purely technical reason and I could only find it out when I tinkered myself on the system. But given your subjects and the photos that you post, also something else comes to my mind.

Since a year I´ve regularly gone to Thai Massage, which I told you about, and I try to make an appointment at least once a month. Meanwhile, I prefer an employee to the boss. She doesn´t work so smoothly and routinely as the boss, but she is very nice and sometimes tells me interesting things. Every time she puts on the mandatory Thai music before the massage, there is eventually a loud crash in the pits, sometimes also the system completely stops. Then she laughs and always says "spook". In the vestibule in front of the massage rooms the women have built a large altar. At one corner of it there are a lot of small children's toys and I asked her today for its importance. She told me that it was for the spirit of a previously unknown child who died at the age of about 8 years and that it is living there now. It is the child that manifests itself through the speaker when guests arrive. With some guests it crashes regularly and with others not at all. Then she must sometimes calm the child or go in and ask what it wants.

I'm not saying that this is the solution for you, but I had to think by your Christmas pictures straight to the altar. Such activities over the ether could attract other disembodied entities. If you can´t find any technical reason, try it out with good persuasion. ... "

The probability that there are technical faults is rather high, because it's my first webinar and therefore I am without experience. Nevertheless, even such influences are possible, so I am going to speak peace affirmations for possibly these beings before the inner family meditation begins. Anyway, about this webinar I'm really curious.

Kind regards

Spiritual Psychotherapy: The inner family

inner family: inner woman, inner child, inner man
inner woman:
belly dancing

12/16/2015 - Christmas-belly-dancing-video
My inner woman loves to give and wants to make all belly dance interested persons happy with a special Christmas video. My inner man was responsible for efficiency at creating it and my inner child added playful impulses.


Have lots of fun yours Ayleen

12/17/2015 - Self-confidence inner man 

A client of mine has / wants to present self-assured his inner man. Therefore I gave him the homework to post every day in identification with his inner man about what he is proud on himself. He shall focus onto achievement.
Now, here is your opportunity for your everyday posts – and everybody else can take part, too.

I am proud, that out of my inner man I can assess situations well and in this respect can act well and partly rescue situations or perhaps make them more enjoyable. At least I think so. Is this out of the inner man? Or is that another part? It would interest me, how a biological man perceives his inner man. I think that helps to be able to distinguish oneself 3 shares.

Actually, I think this is more the inner woman. The inner woman is trying to create relaxed situations.

I agree. It's actually more the inner woman - but great that you appreciate her values. Greetings Ayleen

Well,it's my turn now. I am very proud on myself how I mastered the day when it came to organization and to high performance with perfect quality, which I was responsible for. Today I achieved everything that I set myself for a goal. I earned the end of work and I wish everybody a good night.

Very nice that there were many things on which you can be proud, but your comment is still rather a mandatory task than a really proud feeling. I would like to feel the inner man who is so occupied by his own magnificence, that there is nothing else than to talk about how great he himself is. Greetings Ayleen

inner man
My inner man.
inner family
My inner family all together.
inner child
My inner child.
inner woman
My inner woman.

12/17/2015 -   Advent baking with my inner family

Today we baked two cakes and cookies all together. For this combination my inner man was responsible with his efficiency thinking. Two cakes, one in a bigger and two in a smaller form, just fit into my oven, which is in addition preheated after the cookies. Altogether needs exactly one box bakery margarine and a packet of ten eggs, so that there are no leftovers. I freeze the cakes for Christmas, then the days before are more relaxed.
My inner woman likes to bake her favourite cheesecake with a bio baking mixture, which she relishes so much, that she especially gets it from my parents in Hamburg.
My inner child is especially looking forward to cutting out the cookies. She would have wished for glaze with colorful chocolate crumbles, but her parents were against it. My inner man prefers the cookies less sweet and with clear appearance and my inner woman fears chocolate patches on the furniture.
For compensation my inner child was allowed to cut out lots of teddy bears and Santa Clauses while my inner man got only few locomotives and my inner woman only few angels. About the hearts they were happy all together and other motives added to the variety.
My whole inner family agreed on nibbling. My inner child loves nibbling anyway, my inner man loves extremes and has got a very robust stomach and my inner woman loves it, if everybody is happy. In this respect, nobody slowed down and therefore I nibbled lots of pastry and ate lots of cookies.

inner family: inner woman, inner child, inner man
Christmas party with plans for the future.

12/18/2015 - Christmas party with plans for the future

Today I enjoyed an intensive connected Christmas party together with nice people. Who of my inner family celebrated it? For my inner child I gave a special Christmas party last year, when three of us played together with our Barbie dolls. Therefore my inner child was more in the background this year.
My inner woman was there with a high part and liked the belly dancing show, the talking about dance and the caring community. She enjoyed it very much.
My inner man was very present, too. He was mostly interested in the job talking and happy about making important plans for the future. He likes long-term planning and active approaching.
Actually, I´ve only expressed through my adult inner family members, what is devine inside of me and my calling. “Ambassadress of love, take the love with you and let it flow into the structures.” That´s exactly what I do right now. 

For this purpose, I make the earthly psychical structures of the human being as inner family known through my guide "Spiritual Psychotherapy: The inner family" and additionally spread through belly dancing a basic way to develop the inner family psychical through the body.

So I extend my Belly Dance Online Courses in future, in addition to concrete personal offerings. That's why today I invited to my Christmas party those I consider to be best suited to targeted develop individual inner family members. I presented them my plans and was happy about their great interest. In this respect I would like to offer more extensive possibilities for the inner family in future.

With caring for oneself, sporting fitness and joy of dance, it is almost incidentally possible to develop the inner family and thereby gain in quality of life. For this, it is nothing more necessary than to choose the correct hobbies and with knowledge of the inner family that is very simple. My tuned to the inner family offering that I intend to gradually build together with qualified persons, will support you in this.

So I'm going to introduce courses that are specifically adapted to promote certain inner family members. My Belly Dance Online Courses, for example, assist specifically the inner woman and other services are planned. Together with me you can look forward to the future.

Inner family with inner man, inner woman and inner child
My inner family at 4. Advent
12/20/2015 - Healing meditation and webinar for the inner man at 4. Advent

Today we celebrate our meditation for healing the inner family from 6,00 to 6,30 p.m.

Good morning Ayleen ....... where can I ask my question for today´s webinar about the inner man? Should I write to  Dr.S ......... e-mail?

Yes, fine. It is good, if the anticipating questions are already placed on , because otherwise apparently not all arrive and longer matters appear rather dismembered on my screen. Greetings, your Ayleen

12/21/2015 - Resources for handling your inner family

On this page

 page with resources

you´ll find everything, that can help you with your inner family. It is in German so far, but my English book “Spiritual Psychotherapy: The inner family” will follow.
Best regards

Inner family with inner man, inner woman and inner child

inner child
My inner child loves this Christmas market.
inner woman (inner family)
My inner woman integrates it into the table decorations.
inner man (inner family)
My inner man likes it as timesaving.
inner family
My inner family at the Christmas market.

12/22/2015 -  Christmas market

The first years in Berlin I visited the most famous Christmas markets, but since then there hasn´t been an inner impulse any more to go to further Christmas markets. Instead of this I have got a Christmas market at home now (look at the photos).

Have you visited a Christmas market? How did your inner family members enjoy themselves?

Inner family with inner man, inner woman and inner child
My inner family decorates the Christmas tree.

12/22/2015 - Christmas preparations

Today I have begun with the Christmas preparations. And you? When do you begin?
Mainly my inner man (vicarious my friend) set up the artificial Christmas tree. Since I live in Berlin without a car or a Christmas tree sale nearby on the 4th floor without an elevator I have changed to an artificial Christmas tree. I like it very much.

Inner family: inner child, inner woman, inner man
My inner family tinkers.

12/23/2015 - Tinkering with my inner family

During Christmas time I also enjoy to tinker. In which my inner family works together. It is always that family member in the foreground, which is needed most. For example, I have poured candles, made straw stars, shaped with salt dough, sewed nutshell dolls, raised pearl jewelry, cut tealight shieldings, worked with glitter foil and whatever else came to my mind. As an artist soul I am talented for creative things. Most of it I have given away.
This year unfortunately I haven´t had the time to tinker. I´ve got so many interests that I can´t do everything in one Christmas season. Therefore every year I focus on something else. It makes my Christmas time despite all tradition varied. This year my creativity has gone into my belly dance videos and this project about the inner family.

Inner family: inner child, inner woman, inner man
Do you find the following 5 items?
1) The climbing Santa Claus,
2) the somersaulting reindeer,
3) the singing Christmas bauble,
4) the blue red ring from the tinker picture and
5) the walnut doll (see also the tinker picture)
inner child, inner woman, inner man: inner family
The table with presents for my inner family.
inner child, inner woman, inner man: inner family
The table at which my inner family eats.

12/23/2015 - Looking forward to Christmas

Hello my dears,
I've finished my preparations and my inner family is so excited, that it´s talking completely messed up – sorry ;)

Inner child: The singing Christmas bauble is absolute great, just as nice as the climbing Santa Claus. Does he bring the gifts? And the overhead leaping reindeer – doesn´t Santa Claus lose the gifts?

Inner man: I like the technical paraphernalia, too.

Note: With the playful impulses my inner child, my inner man and my artist's soul flow into each other so smoothly, that I also have otherwise a great fondness for funny things.

Inner woman: I am incredibly excited about the great gift from my friend. I have no idea what might be in there. In addition, I had a lot of fun decorating the Christmas tree.

Note: The Christmas tree I decorated predominantly from out of the spiritual through my inner woman. This increased feelings of happiness in me more and more. This happiness flows equally through all my inner family members, so I - if I let it - can be almost euphoric high without drugs. Then I hear merry music and dance spontaneously to express my joy.  But today I stayed with the decorating while I heard in constant repetitionA Christmas Dream“.

I like the two CDs because they are so merry, that I have several favorite songs. What music do you listen to at Christmas?

Inner child and inner man in common sense of humor: In the Christmas tree photo are hidden objects. Do you find the following 5 items? 1) The climbing Santa Claus, 2) the somersaulting reindeer, 3) the singing Christmas bauble, 4) the blue red ring from the tinker picture and 5) the walnut doll (see also the tinker picture). The resolution follows later.

Inner woman: I am also happy about the festive table with my silverware and good glasses ...

Inner child: ... and I like all the Playmobil figures on the table. And I am looking forward to the many surprise eggs, too.

Inner man: It´s good that we have completed everything in time. I do not like chaos and want everything done successively in time.

Inner woman: Yes, I am also pleased that everything is finished, because tomorrow I have a lot of time to dress up myself.

Inner child: Mom, when does it start? If only it would be tomorrow evening, soon.

Inner woman: Yes, I am also very much looking forward to celebrate together with you.

the inner family, inner child, inner man, inner woman
My inner family at Christmas Eve.
inner family (inner child, inner man, inner woman)
Christmas tradition with my inner family.
inner family, inner woman, inner man, inner child, children, kids
The Christmas doll house of my inner child.

12/24/2015 - Christmas Eve

My inner man likes manageable traditions and has everything well organized, so that the following sequence is scheduled for Christmas Eve. From 4.30 to 5.00 o´clock p.m. I start with another healing meditation for the inner family. Maybe you have time and feel like it to join.

Between 5.00 and 5.30 o´clock p.m. my friend is arriving and we go together to the church at 6.00 o´clock p.m. Although he is in the church he doesn´t put particular value into it, while I am no longer in the church anymore, but still enjoy this tradition. Especially Christianity and Buddhism, but also the other world religions and esoteric knowledge, have originally been very supportive to my spiritual path, so I'm grateful. But now I live in the Divine myself, so I have no relation to them anymore. Therefore I continue with this Christmas Eve worshipping only for the festive feeling especially of my inner woman.

Afterwards we will make music, that is, I play piano, guitar, F and C flute and my friend sings on most songs. I have already prepared a beautiful and with glitter stickers decorated music program. After that we will call our families, eat baguettes, cakes and ice cream and finally unpack our gifts.

inner family, inner woman, inner man, inner child, children, kids

12/24/2015 - Therapeutic quality: The inner family mirrored by the others  

Many of you are likely to spend the Christmas celebrations with your families. This is an excellent opportunity to get to know your own inner family better with the help of the others. As souls did you choose exactly your parents as a learning task. What qualities do they have? - Even if your parents live them so distorted or unbalanced that they are not immediately recognizable as qualities, there are qualities underneath and you should have a closer look.

And what attracts you to your partner and why? Replaces the other perhaps an underdeveloped inner family member of you? Or what about the features you reject of your partner, do they correspond to an unloved share of yourself?

And how do you respond to the vitality of your children? That says a lot about your own inner child.

If you celebrate Christmas with open perception, you can thus learn a great deal about your own inner family. I wish you exciting insights.

the inner family, inner child, inner man, inner woman
My inner family celebrates, now.
12/24/2015 - Merry Christmas!

I wish you a Merry Christmas, best with my today's message from my calendar:
The best love is the kind that awakens the soul, that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. That´s what I hope to give you forever.

12/28/2015 - Christmas days

Hello my dears,
how did you enjoy your Christmas festivities?

I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my friend here in Berlin. Then we traveled together to Hamburg, because both families of us happen to live in Hamburg, even though we met each other here in Berlin. On Boxing Day we visited his family. We then stayed together at the hotel, but the next morning my friend went back to Berlin, because he had to work while I've visited my family and came back in the evening.

About my inner family I cannot write anything, because I live such days only from the transcendence and not with my inner family. I don´t want to become entangled in relationship structures. Rather, I ask in advance by inner impulses and my cards what is important for all participants in detail on the day and exactly carry this out as a base below the relationship structures. I then measure my success by my spiritual task, regardless of what happens on the structural level.

In this respect, I can also enjoy Christmas together with people who are not interested in spirituality.
My best wishes
yours Ayleen

the inner family, inner child, inner man, inner woman
the inner family, inner child, inner man, inner woman
inner family (inner child, inner man, inner woman)
inner family, inner woman, inner man, inner child, children, kids
inner child

12/29/2015 - Resolution

Who of you did find the following 5 items at the picture?
1) The climbing Santa Claus (look at the video),
2) the somersaulting reindeer (look at the video),
3) the singing Christmas bauble (look at the video),
4) the blue red ring and
5) the walnut doll.

inner child
inner child
inner woman
inner woman
inner man
inner man
inner family, inner woman, inner man, inner child, children, kids

12/30/2015 - Therapeutic Quality: What exactly is the inner family?

The inner family is composed of an inner child, an inner woman and an inner man and makes the human psyche. Each human psyche is an internal family. The respective state of inner child, inner woman and inner man as well as the connection of the inner family members to each other result in the individual personality of each person.

Spiritual Psychotherapy: The inner family

the inner woman of the inner family (inner child, inner man, inner woman)
inner woman:
my mimosa
12/30/2015 - Frills

Also my inner woman likes frills. I have just bred this mimosa. Three years ago I had a carnivorous plant (Venus Flytrap), which I enjoyed to feed with cheese and eggs and I love Do-not-touch-me (sorry if this isn´t the right translation).

The locomotive on the image I gave among other things years ago – rather humorous – to my ex-husband for Christmas, because it belonged to him for his Christmas feeling to play with a railroad. Only some Christmas later we discovered by chance that it is intended for incense.

inner woman

12/31/2015 - Horoscope  

My spiritually connected inner woman is interested in horoscopes. Years ago, during my training as a non-medical psychotherapy practitioner I have been asked by others about my horoscope, because I've done the training with much power so unusually fast within 4 months. Well, today I have my horoscope for you.

From the beginning I had the deep knowledge, that this life is either my third last or last life. My inner knowledge fluctuated contradictory between one and three lives to and fro. After I created my horoscope, I knew the reason why. This is my last life, which consists of three sections.

The first section consisted of dissolving old karma and involved the healing of my inner child. The second section had the focus on healing my inner woman, with also the connection of earthiness and spirituality. In the third section I am now, which is to go public: ambassador of love, take the love with you and guide it into the earthly structures.

If you should have more detailed interest in my horoscope, you are welcome to comment your interpretation and I then will go on with further details. But maybe you prefer more generally posting about horoscopes or about your own one.

inner family
Bleigießen with my inner family.
inner woman and inner man
inner man and inner woman love each other

12/31/2015 - Bleigießen  

I talk about a tradition “Bleigießen”. It is an oracle. Do you have oracles at New Year's Eve, too?
Last year I regarded Bleigießen for the first time not only as a nice tradition, but took it seriously and tried it as an oracle. My friend and I proceeded after a recommendation from the Internet:

We had so amazingly true answers that we will proceed like that again this year. I got a very helpful answer to a spiritual question, but also my friend - who does not believe in this kind of things - has detected a very clear answer for himself.
His question was: Will I still be happy with Ayleen 2015?
The answer you see on the photos (Love, Yes!) and it became true.

the inner family, inner child, inner man, inner woman
My inner family celebrates.

12/31/2015 - Celebration  

I wish you a Happy New Year.

All the best
yours Ayleen

Spiritual Master Ayleen
Spiritual Master Ayleen

1/1/2016 - Happy New Year 2016

I wish you a Happy New Year 2016, health, happiness and all the best.

My boyfriend and I started our common New Year party at 6 o´clock p.m. with party poppers, Christmas crackers and Raclette at my house. The saying in my Christmas cracker I liked: Attempt to strive for the unattainable to create completely what can be achieved.

We watched for an hour the show of Tina Turner at TV and then danced. Even in a small space it was quite possible. We started with our joint song and then chose alternately other standard dances.

By the way, to learn ballroom dance I recommend the following two CD's with rhythm and counting

"Ab in die Tanzschule 2" and "Ab in die Tanzschule 4".

and to dance the double CD  "World Hits Reloaded".

Then until midnight we loved each other under the Christmas tree, touched glasses on 01.01.2016 at 0.00 o´clock with water and organized fireworks outdoors to about 1.00 o´clock.

the inner family, inner child, inner man, inner woman
Bleigießen: My calling

Afterwards we did our oracle with Bleigießen and ate “Berliners” (I think in Berlin they are called differently). My spiritual order is: Ambassador of love, take the love with you and guide it into the earthly structures. Therefore additionally I asked the question at Bleigießen: How can I best reach the community? The response you see in the photo: I shall plant seeds and then let them grow.

Today, we eat the same again, Raclette, and take it easy.

How did you spend your New Year?

Kind regards
your Ayleen

the inner family, inner child, inner man, inner woman
My inner family puts away the presents.
1/2/2016 - The end of the Christmas project about the inner family

Today my friend and I cleared all Christmas stuff into the basement. The LED shoelaces in the video were among my Christmas presents and are put away in the meantime, too. For us, the Christmas season is over now.


Oh, that was fast. With us, the Christmas decoration is hanging I believe ... deep into January or February. Otherwise ... the decorating is hardly worth it..

I also know this from my parents, but I myself am a person who does always everything particularly intense (my inner man loves extreme) and therefore I enjoy the Christmas atmosphere very much - and just as intense now I start into the New Year.

Kind regards your Ayleen

Spiritual Psychotherapy: The inner family
Notice Christmas project 2016

If you want to participate in another Christmas project about the inner family with inner child, inner woman and inner man in a slightly different form in 2016, you can follow me on Facebook and / or Google
Spiritual Master Ayleen
Spiritual Master Ayleen

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